As a journalist, then more recently as a copywriter and scriptwriter, I have written for projects around the world.

It’s always been my dream to share some of my more creative work ~ particularly Monologues and Scenes ~ with my fellow Actors. Finding original monologues can be difficult, I know. Feel free to use these in whatever way you wish (although, obviously, copyright remains with me.)  I would love to hear your thoughts on these pieces.

And please check back in coming months as I post more.

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  • Eye-cathy.


A man on Death Row, awaiting imminent execution, talks reluctantly with a Priest ~

Any Last Words by Kym Bidstrup

A son/daughter speaks with affection and candour about their late Father ~

Dad by Kym Bidstrup

A fragile man/woman offers bittersweet insights at a group therapy session ~

I Play the Cello by Kym Bidstrup

The quintessential “bogan chick” recounts her first sexual experience ~

Shazza by Kym Bidstrup

A disillusioned son/daughter of immigrant parents takes aim at “The Lucky Country” ~

The Immigrant by Kym Bidstrup


A late night party discussion on conspiracy theories take an unexpected turn ~

Conspiracy! by Kym Bidstrup


For a more formal summary of my writing career:

Kym Bidstrup’s Writing CV