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So, you’ve decided you need video.
That’s one of the things 4th Mesa Productions does well.

So you pick up the phone….

It happens a lot.
Don’t get me wrong; I love what I do and I love helping clients achieve results.
But this particular phone call drives me nuts.
It goes something like this.

My business wants a video made. How much are they?

Well, that depends on a number of factors, I say.

And then I launch into a spiel that’s part information, part Q&A about the client’s needs and, yes, part frustration.
Frustrating for me.
And for the client.

Look, I understand the question.
You’ve decided on video to help get your message out there and most of the time that’s a valid choice.
But how did you decide?
And why
did you decide on video?
And what, precisely, is it’s aim?
What, precisely, will it show?
And many more questions that should have been asked before the decision to go ahead.

Somewhere along the line, didn’t you consider that not all videos are created equal?

It’s the old how long is a piece of string? thing.

Let me put it this way.
If I rang a car yard and said, I want a new vehicle. How much are they?, most people would think I was naive at best.
Or that I hadn’t given the purchase much thought.
Or worse.
Yet that’s essentially the attitude this one simple question betrays.
What then does it say about your advertising/marketing strategy?
Shouldn’t it all work together, in synergy?

In order to clarify your position, and ours, 4th Mesa Productions has prepared the FREE .pdf download ~~~~ 4th Mesa Productions Video Check List 2012.
It will help you answer such important questions as:

Who is your target audience?
Where/How will they view your video?
What is the specific aim of the video?
How long should it be ideally?

And much more….

You can download the easy-to-follow 4th Mesa Productions Video Check List 2012 HERE 4th Mesa Productions Video Check List 2012

Or e-mail us at
and we’ll send you a virus-checked .pdf


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